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Thief: The Dark Project – The Black Parade is a new campaign celebrating the 25th anniversary of stealth action

As befits Thief, you don’t play a hero this time either, because like Garrett, Hume is more on the dark side of the law – for which he was sent into exile for seven years and therefore returns to the always nameless city practically penniless. So what other choice does he have than to keep his fingers crossed and earn his living in, let’s say, alternative ways?

The development of The Black Parade took around seven years in order to be released exactly on the 25th anniversary of Thief: The Dark Project or Dark Project: Der Meisterdieb, as the game is officially called in Germany.

The birthday thing isn’t that easy. While Thief was released in North America on December 1st, 1998 according to Wikipedia, it was only on the shelves in Great Britain on the 4th of the same month and in Germany on November 30th. On Mobygames, however, you can find the date of December 3rd. But that’s only on the sidelines.

The city is much larger and more winding than it was back then and also offers significantly more viewing points – not just from below.

In any case, you can find The Black Parade and associated installation instructions on TTLG Forums, where the most important features of the new campaign are also listed. Accordingly, it includes “ten huge missions with open endings” and a narrative with numerous conspiracies including 30 minutes of film scenes and 28 voiced characters. You also use four brand new tools in the role of Hume and the developers have even adjusted the behavior of the AI.

No wonder: Romain Barrilliot, who is primarily responsible, works as a level designer at Arkane (Dishonored, Prey) – the studio that is strongly inspired by the freedom of play in games like Thief. He announced The Black Parade on

To describe my first impression, I would declare The Black Parade a must-watch for Thief connoisseurs. The level design, production effort and the fun of sneaking are in no way inferior to the original! On the contrary: in many respects the new levels are far superior to the previous ones. Which is of course no surprise considering today’s computing power.

Thief: The Dark Project – The Black Parade is a new campaign celebrating the 25th anniversary of stealth action

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