TechnologyThis AI tool can predict a person's death

This AI tool can predict a person’s death

A new advance in technology is causing various debates among citizens, since the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is leading scientists to fields where the morals of certain conservative groups predominate.

This is a project known as ‘life2vec’ created by the Technical University of Denmark, which can predict the death of a subject in the next four years. This could mark a milestone in how decision-making can affect individual health and lifestyle decisions.

This AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool can predict – with an accuracy of 78% – the death of an individual. The study “Use of sequences of life events to predict human lives” was published by said educational institution in the journal Natural Computational Science.

The team reported in the study: “Our models allow us to predict diverse outcomes ranging from early mortality to personality nuances, outperforming state-of-the-art models by a wide margin. Using methods to interpret deep learning models, we test the algorithm to understand the factors that enable our predictions.”

He added: “Our framework allows researchers to uncover potential mechanisms that impact life outcomes, as well as associated possibilities for personalized interventions.”

According to the team led by Sune Lehmann, this AI has managed to surpass previous models and improved its accuracy by up to 11%. To better understand how it works, ‘life2vec’ uses a database of nearly 6 million people, where it evaluates and compares educational level, health, income, occupation, among other variables.

The method is based on data provided by the Danish government through Statistic Denmark, and focuses on the economically active population between 35 and 65 years of age. In that segment mortality rates could be predicted.

It is worth mentioning that this technology could be fundamental for medical research, as it could predict risk factors and diseases on an unprecedented scale.

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