GlobalThis is how AI will affect our lives, according to Bill Gates

This is how AI will affect our lives, according to Bill Gates

Technology and, above all, AI (artificial intelligence) continues to advance. Every day a new opportunity arises to optimize processes and even reduce costs in industries.

According to estimates by the IMF (International Monetary Fund), around 40% of jobs around the world could suffer serious impacts due to the advancement of AI. In this regard, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has a more emphatic version.

According to the American tycoon, technology caught up with us very quickly and, contrary to what the IMF suggests, he assures that jobs will not be lost, but rather a new opportunity will arise. Gates said that, when faced with a new discovery or technological development, fear prevails first; although later this is a transformative benefit for society.

And the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, recently urged governments to offer social security programs and recycling programs to mitigate the strong impact of AI on modern society.

“In most scenarios, AI is likely to worsen overall inequality, a worrying trend that policymakers must proactively address to prevent the technology from further stoking social tensions,” Georgieva said.

In an interview with cnn, Gates said that AI is here to stay and “make life easier.” And he compared this phenomenon to the agricultural productivity of 1900, in which many people questioned what labor activities the population would be employed in.

And he pointed out as an example the “annoying paperwork” that doctors do not like to do. “We can make that part of the job that they don’t like more efficient,” said Gates. And, because the technological infrastructure is advanced, “it does not require hardware additional” because AI will be included in cell phones, computers and even the WiFi connection.

Regarding tools like ChatGPT, Gates said that they are “spectacular” because it is like having a “tutor” or “health advisor”; since it has the ability to “read and write” and help with technical support. Including these tools in the medical and educational sector will be “fantastic,” said Microsoft’s largest shareholder.

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