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This is how you can delete the information that Google has about you | TUTORIAL

Is there information about you that you want to take more care of? In La Razón we share a tutorial on how to delete it from Google.

Google collects various information from you, from your contacts’ birthdays, photographs, preferences in what you consume, to your account passwords, among others.

If you do not want me to have any of your information, There are some simple steps you must follow to be able to remove it.the most important step is to create your Google account.

How to delete my information from Google?

  • Once you have your Google account, log in and search for the following page
  • Subsequently, you will be able to see your personal information, the security of your account, data and privacy, where you will find your YouTube history, web activity, your timeline, among others.
  • In the “Data and privacy” section you have to look for the “History Settings” option.
  • The next step is to click “Delete” in the activities list section. You can delete your information from the last hour, the last day or let you configure certain dates to delete them.
  • To deactivate data collection, go to “History Settings”, and click “deactivate” in the section you would like to remove. Likewise, you can activate automatic deletion in 3, 18 or 36 months.

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