LifestyleThis is the viral challenge with which you can discover what your...

This is the viral challenge with which you can discover what your love language is

Thousands of users have dethroned the network with the test TikTok viral, which seeks to identify people in their love language. This is a test based on the five principles of writer Gary Chapman, an author who works in couples counseling.

According to Chapman, there are five ways to show affection, including: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical contact. Some couples may have more than one of these languages, and they may not coincide with each other. And to avoid conflicts, it is necessary to know each one of them and even encourage them.

If one person shows their love by giving gifts, and the other is more serious and prefers quality time; The former might think that her loved one has no interest in him or her. When two people like to send gifts and have too much physical contact, it means that their love languages ​​coincide, and it is very common to see the couple loving each other at first glance.

In either of the two previous cases, it does not mean that one loves more than the other; It is simply a different expression of affections.

How does the test from TikTok?

  • To answer the questionnaire and discover the love language you use, you must visit the site or type in Google: “5 Love Languages”
  • The site will show an icon with the word “Start”, where you must click
  • Then the system will ask you what type of relationship you would like to strengthen, and offers the option “romantic”, “family”, “friendship” and “workplace”.
  • By choosing one of the options above, you will be able to start the questionnaire to find out your love language

The questionnaire is in English, so some Internet users took on the task of explaining in a simple way how to translate the page into Spanish:

Some of the questions that the couples questionnaire will provide are: “What is the best phrase that describes you?” The answers are “I am an adult”, “I am a teenager”, “I am taking the questionnaire for my child”. It will also ask you if you are “single” or “in a relationship”; which is the way in which you feel most comfortable, and provide the following options: “I receive love notes, emails or other loving details from my partner for no apparent reason” or “my partner and I hug each other.”

Along the test, the system will try to find similarities in the answers with the available love languages. And when the test is finished, the result can be easily shared on social networks.

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