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This is the way in which Trump will seek to annul the trial for the assault on the Capitol

This April 25, the US Supreme Court will hold a hearing, in which it will hear the former president of the nation, Donald Trump, and his arguments for not starting a trial for the assault on the Capitol, which occurred on April 6. January 2021 in Washington, DC

According to political analysts, the former public official will argue that he has criminal immunity for having been president of the nation; That is to say, when he held the highest position in the country, he was able to execute any action putting national security first.

The judges’ decision, according to experts, could modify the course of some other pending Trump cases, including the one in Florida, in which he took classified documents; and even his failed attempt to reverse the election result in Georgia.

The special hearing will give a different direction to Trump’s possible candidacy for the Republican Party, in the electoral elections that will be held on November 5. The most conservative outlook suggests that the former president will not compete against the Democrat, Joe Biden, who intends to achieve his re-election.

What is relevant in the case is whether the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Trump, and provide him with presidential immunity to avoid criminal charges for acts of the Executive Branch carried out during his term.

Jurisprudence in the US details that the nation’s presidents cannot and should not be prosecuted for criminal cases; If so, this would presuppose the vulnerability of the powers, both executive and judicial.

However, the prosecutor in the case, Jack Smith, has been very emphatic in stating that no former president in history has been prosecuted, but that does not mean he should be exempt from obeying the laws as citizens do.

An argument that could work against Trump would be the invocation of the figure of one of his predecessors, Richad Nixon (1969-1974), who was civilly sued by an Air Force employee who was supposedly “unfairly” fired.

Years later, in 1982, when Nixon was no longer president, he was prosecuted through civil proceedings. This means that, in effect, the former presidents could be tried for actions that occurred while they lived in the White House.

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