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‘Thursday Widows’: what is the Netflix miniseries about and who is involved in it?

Netflix has several premieres in September and this Thursday the 14th the miniseries arrived on the platform Thursday’s widows that promises to be full of mystery that will leave more than one on the edge of their seat.

If you want to . about this miniseries that could become one of the most watched on Netflix these days, below we will tell you what the story is about and which actors participate in it.

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What is Thursday Widows about?

The story begins tells Teresa finds her husband and two best friends dead in the luxurious mansion located in the Los Altos de Las Cascada residential area. After this event, many wonder what happened and why they lost their lives.

Before the death of these men, those involved appear to have a life full of luxuries where they even play tennis on huge courts, wear very expensive watches and more, and they all seem very happy, however, with this unfortunate fact there are truths that are beginning to come to light.

Thursday’s widows It is based on the novel of the same name by Claudia PiƱeiro. The adaptation was directed by Humberto Hinojosa, who was also in charge of the Luis Miguel bioseries.

What actors are in the cast?

Among the actors who act in Thursday’s widows they find each other Zuria Vega, Omar Chaparro, as well as Juan Pablo Medinawho little by little we have seen again in projects after the health problem he presented and for which they had to amputate his leg.

Other famous people who participating in the Netflix miniseries is Irene Azuela, Alfonso BassaveCassandra Ciangherotti, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Mayra Hermosillo fia Sisniega and Gerardo Trejo Luna.

If you want to do a marathon, we tell you that Thursday’s widows It is ideal, since it has six chapters of approximately 50 minutes.

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