GlobalTransport arrives in which Benito will be taken to the Africam Safari

Transport arrives in which Benito will be taken to the Africam Safari

Juarez City- The box that will transport to the giraffe benedict to wildlife conservation park African Safari in Puebla he reached Juarez City this morning and it is being installed on the side of his house.

How will they take Benito from Parque Central to the Africam Safari in Puebla?

The transport is a trailer about six meters high with the last meter only delimited by a metal frame, and narrower than the trailer in which it arrived at this border, to maintain its stability during the journey, explained Rogelio Muñoz. , administrator of the Central Park where the giraffe has resided since May 2023.

The box arrived in the city at six in the morning and has been installed since approximately 8:30.

For the work, the park was opened later than usual and pedestrian access was restricted to the area behind Benito’s house.

Africam Safari personnel are currently leveling the ground for the box, and then begin the conditioning work for Benito so that he feels comfortable in the trailer before embarking on the trip, Muñoz detailed, as previously announced by Santiago Nyssen , one of the directors of Safari.

When will they take Benito from Parque Central to African Safari?

According to Muñoz and Nyssen, it can take the giraffe between three days and a week or more to acclimatize to the box, so there is still no certain date for Benito’s departure.

Benito’s farewell

Before Benito – the name chosen by the border residents through a vote – leaves the Central Park there will be a farewell, reported Rogelio Muñoz Sapién, administrative coordinator of the place.

It will be after the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa) releases the process for it to be taken to Africam Safari in Valsequillo, Puebla, that the date for the farewell of the pet will be announced, he noted.

What you should know about Benito

Benito, who measures 4.30 meters and is 3 years old, arrived in Juárez from Fiesta Safari in the city of Culiacán, after the death of the Modesto giraffe on June 1, 2022, which was considered the mascot of the border residents for 23 years. years.

Regarding the animal rights groups that were asking and protesting in previous months for Benito to be moved to another place, Muñoz said that the groups only sought the good of the pet.

What is going to happen to Benito’s house in Parque Central?

The male giraffe’s barn was being expanded, which would be ready no later than this week, in which around one million 46 thousand pesos were invested.

The house will continue with repairs because the giraffe must be properly maintained, plus there is a contract that has to be fulfilled. The space will be used for recreational purposes for attendees, but it will be until there is a session of the decentralized organization where what to do will be decided, Muñoz Sapién mentioned.

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