GlobalTwo minors rescued from a burning house in Gómez Palacio

Two minors rescued from a burning house in Gómez Palacio

On Tuesday afternoon, a fire broke out in a home in the Rinconada Torremolinos neighborhood in the city of Gómez Palacio. Two minors were rescued from the interior and taken to a hospital aboard a patrol car.

The events occurred around 3:00 p.m. this Tuesday in a home located on Toledo Boulevard in Cerrada Sevilla, in said housing sector.

It was the residents of the sector who realized that there was a fire on the aforementioned property and immediately requested the presence of the city’s security and rescue corporations through multiple reports to the state 911 emergency system.

Elements of the Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection, They immediately arrived at the place, as they were told that there were minors inside.

Two children, one and four years old, were rescued by the neighbors and preventive elements, who took them to the General Hospital facilities aboard a patrol car.

It was reported that the children presented some burns and symptoms of smoke poisoning.


Fires in the Rinconada Torremolinos neighborhood in the city of Gómez Palacio. (THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN)

The personnel of the Fire Department and Civil Protection were in charge of fighting the flames with water jets from different fronts.

The fire consumed three armchairs, a stereo, a television screen, a wooden piece of furniture, a kitchenette, the dining room, the refrigerator and the stove, as well as various clothes.

It also caused damage to ceilings, walls, windows and doors in the kitchen area and bedrooms.

After a few minutes of work, the fire was finally put out, which allegedly started due to a short circuit.


It was reported that at the time of the events, the minors were alone inside the house.

Presumably, the person who was taking care of them went out to pick up two other younger brothers of the injured from school.


The Investigating Agent of the Public Ministry went to the hospital to learn about the minors’ injuries.

The case was referred to the Laguna Region Vice Prosecutor’s Office, a body that will determine if there was any omission of care.

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