GamesUnity gives in: These are the new prices for developers

Unity gives in: These are the new prices for developers

Unity has alienated players and developers with its new pricing model, which was supposed to work with a price per installation. After an extremely negative reaction from players and developers, the company promised to revise the fee model again. Unity is now introducing these changes.

Damage limitation through compromises

Unity initially apologizes in its statement and even completely withdraws many criticized changes. Here are the main adjustments:

  • Unity Personal Plan remains free and without a runtime fee
  • The cap was set from $100,000 to $200,000
  • No requirement for “Made with Unity” splash screen
  • Fee only for games over $1 million in sales in the last 12 months

With the fee model, developers can then decide whether they would rather give 2.5 percent of their sales to Unity or pay an amount that depends on the number of users – similar to the model originally considered. However, the development studio should estimate the data itself.

More about Unity:

Unity has heard the developers and wants to change the controversial fees

In the future, Unity wants developers to pay money per game installation, but they are not very enthusiastic about it

The open letter states: “We should have spoken to more of you and incorporated more of your feedback before announcing our new term fee policy.”

“With this policy we want to ensure that we can continue to support you today and in the future and continue to invest heavily in our game engine. You are what make Unity great, and we know we have to listen and work hard to to earn your trust.”

Unity explains all the changes in detail in a detailed article and answers many questions about fees in an FAQ. It remains to be seen how the developers who are already looking for new engines will react to this.

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