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US China Tension: Now China will have ‘right time’, America has taken out the dragon’s bite; made a big announcement

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China-US Tension: Since the beginning of the Corona period, the tension between America and China gradually started increasing. Both the countries have come face to face with each other on many issues. Western countries like America are also not happy with China’s attitude towards the South China Sea. In such a situation, America is going to take a big step to make China ‘right time’. In fact, the American military has decided to deploy medium range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region. US Army Pacific Commanding General Charles Flynn also gave this information in an interview given during his recent visit to Tokyo.

“Working with our allies and partners in the region and in conjunction with the various joint exercises that we have, the missiles will be introduced to the region very soon,” Flynn, of the U.S. Army, said at the U.S. Embassy in Japan. It is believed that behind this step, America wants to strengthen itself against China. In such a situation, America is going to deploy missiles to respond to any possible move by China. Modernization of China’s missile capabilities. Flynn said it was extremely important for the military to find ways to counter it. A US government source said the system would likely be based in Guam and temporarily transferred to Japan for training purposes.

However, Flynn did not answer what type of missiles America will deploy, but it is being said that it could be the Typhon missile system. It is capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles and SM-6 multi-mission anti-aircraft missiles from ground-based vehicles. Let us tell you that America was earlier banned from having ground-launched missiles with a range of 500 kilometers to 5,500 kilometers till 2019, when the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia ended. On the other hand, China is continuously strengthening its army by acquiring ground-launched medium range ballistic missiles. These missiles can reach Nansei Island and Taiwan.

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