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Victor Francos will call the captains of the national team this Tuesday to try to convince them to concentrate

MADRID, September 19 (.) –

The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, reiterated that they are “closely in favor of the players” of the women’s team in the conflict they are experiencing with the RFEF and stated that first thing this Tuesday he will call “the captains ” to try to convince them to attend the rally with the promise that the Government will do “whatever is necessary to regularize the situation” in the federation, admitting that if they decide not to go, they will have no choice but to “apply the law.”

“We are strongly in favor of the players of the women’s soccer team, but I still don’t know why there has been a conflict, because I am unable to know because no one has explained it to me, why there is an exchange of, in theory, of reproaches, of names, of accusations, the Government has received absolutely nothing,” said Francos on ‘El Larguero’ on the SER network.

The leader warned that “nothing is solved through threats and intimidation” and hoped that the call facilitated by Montse Tomé had been “agreed upon” with the players, making it clear what will happen if they do not show up. “Then the Government has to apply the law, unfortunately for me, I assure you, I would never want to do what I would have to do at that moment,” he noted.

“But the law is the law, and the Sports Law says what it says, the international laws regarding the calls for national teams say what they say, although I still trust that there may be a solution. I also have a feeling of having transferred a problem that they had to the Government, that is, let’s see, we call and then the Government will decide, that’s how I sanction too,” he indicated.

Francos confirmed that he had “spoke” with Pedro Rocha, president of the RFEF Management Commission, who had told him that “they were negotiating” and that he still “did not know if they were going to have some players from the World Cup or the selectable ones who signed the statement”, but that the situation was “complicated”. “The next news I have had is a call where it turns out that there are people who are called who do not want to go,” he lamented.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8:30 or 9:00, I will call a series of people from the team and I will talk to them,” he warned. “From the national team,” he responded when asked if they would be players or from the RFEF. “And we are going to talk because I think that there is a moment in which the Government has the obligation to intervene and not everything goes. We have the obligation to show our face and try to solve a problem. I cannot guarantee that anyone will solve it, but I am going to try it,” he said.

The message to the players is that “the Government’s commitment is with all subsequent consequences.” “The Government is going to do whatever is necessary to regularize the situation of the RFEF, but ask them to go to these two games because we want them to be Olympic champions, which is not a minor issue and because they are the best,” he stressed, indicating that He will speak “with the captains.”

“That is not going to happen, we are not going to do it, we are a serious country. We have some fantastic players who are going to be at the forefront of the call, I am convinced. I ask for trust so that they let the Government be able to speak and I also ask the RFEF the structural and profound changes that it promised,” he stressed.

The president of the CSD made it clear that the Government would have come to mediate if it had been “called”, but he insisted on not understanding how a situation has come to be. “What happened happened a month ago and on Friday we played against Sweden. I have been asking the RFEF for a week what is happening and how it is, and the summary is that nothing has happened,” he declared.

“And I also think that it really has nothing to do with Pedro Rocha, it has to do with the fact that deep and structural changes had to be made and they have not been made and that the people who were in charge when what was happening are still at the head of the federation. “he added in this regard, confessing that he has a “super cordial” relationship with the leader.

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