SportsVideo: Chaos in India-Bangladesh World Cup match, 3 players clashed with Indian...

Video: Chaos in India-Bangladesh World Cup match, 3 players clashed with Indian captain

New Delhi. The Indian cricket team has started the Under-19 World Cup with a spectacular victory. Current champion India’s first match was with Bangladesh, in which, thanks to the difficult fifty of captain Uday Saharan and opener Adarsh ​​Singh, the score was 251 runs for 7 wickets. After this, on the basis of Soumya Pandey’s spin, the entire Bangladesh team was bundled out for 167 runs in just 45.5 overs and started the tournament with a big win of 84 runs. During this match, a clash was also seen between the two teams.

ICC Under-19 World Cup champion team India faced Bangladesh in the first match. In this match, Team India captain Uday showed his strength with the bat and captaincy. Coming at a crucial juncture for the team in trouble, he played a brilliant half-century and then prevented the Bangladesh team from reaching the target with brilliant captaincy. During the match, he also had an argument with the Bangladeshi players which was resolved by the field umpire.

Bangladeshi players clash with Indian captain
India lost two wickets for 31 runs in the World Cup match against Bangladesh. On this score, Captain Uday came out to bat. He came in the 8th over and took command of the team. During the 25th over, something happened which heated up the atmosphere on the field. Bangladeshi bowler Ariful Ismam suddenly clashed with Indian captain Uday.

The matter is not understandable after seeing it in the video, but the Bangladeshi bowler lost his temper over something and the Indian captain went ahead and responded to him in his own style. There was a heated argument between the two. Apart from Bangladesh captain Mahfuzur Rabbi, another Bangladeshi player also jumped into the debate. Uday folded his arms and signaled them to concentrate on the match and not mess with them. Seeing the situation getting heated on the field, the field umpire intervened.

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