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VIDEO: Festival of the Mexican Revolution with many ‘eggs’ gets a 10 on social media

Festivals in public and private primary schools in our country have been a tradition since the times of our grandparents; the most popular being those of Mother’s day and the Christmas ones, however, in one school they threw ‘many eggs’ at the festival of the Mexican Revolution and it has gone viral on social networks.

Mexican teachers are very creative when carrying out integration activities with their students. Some range from the most traditional to danceable and others use elements of social networks to give modernity to the activity.

Through TikTok, a mother shared images of a festival held at a school to commemorate the Mexican Revolution. In the material you can see the students dressed in the shape of eggs with human faces, very similar to the HuevoCartoons digital videos.

To give it the final touch, the mother of the family used an audio of Confi, one of the most popular characters in the franchise, and who is characterized by being a distracted egg after it was filled with confetti.


Here is the original video for those who requested it

original sound – Almita Rz

Children represent the Mexican Revolution dressed as eggs

This ingenious representation of the Adelites and the peasants who took up arms to overthrow the government of Porfirio Diaz and eliminating the practices that many landowners of the time used against those who worked their lands went viral in a matter of minutes, reaching more than two million views on TikTok.

“How great, super beautiful children as always bringing smiles, great for the teacher”, “No one will talk about the intelligence and creativity of teachers, that’s why they say that when they have a vocation, working is not tiring”, “The first thing I go to what to do when I enter the teaching profession”, “If some pompoms gave me a headache, I can’t imagine the poor parents”you can read in the comments.


original sound – David Dominguez

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