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VIDEO. Military searches for F-35 fighter that has been flying for hours without a pilot after a ‘mishap’

A fighter plane The US Air Force’s fifth-generation F-35B is missing since the afternoon of this Sundayafter Its pilot was ejected from the ship due to a “mishap”.

Until this morning Monday, September 18the military They continue searching the skies of South Carolina for the planethat after suffering the failure has continued flying and there are reports that has not crashed. Apparently, according to the Department of Defense, the F-35B was put on automatic mode before the incident.

According to local reports, it is known that the pilot was ejected of the aircraft in an area adjacent to the charleston military base and managed landing by parachute and is stable in a hospital.

Its stealth ability makes it difficult to find it

However, the last location of the poaching with an approximate cost of 85 million dollars it was close to Moultrie and Marion lakesnorthwest of the city of Charleston, according to information from CNN.

Furthermore, a emergency helicopter from South Carolina joined the search for the F-35 after the bad weather improved, reports La Razón España.

It is believed that the plane I could have already flown hundreds of kilometers Well, it has enough fuel and even It could have fallen in a remote rural area or in the waters of the Atlantic Oceanwhich would make it more difficult to find

And something that characterizes the F-35 fighter is his stealth abilitythat makes it difficult to be detected by other planes and radarsalso “the plane does not have any geographic locatorso if it disappears from the radar, it is difficult to search for it electronically,” a retired official explained to the EurAsian Times newspaper.

They ask for help to locate the plane

Given how elusive the fighter plane is, Joint Base Charleston requested Help the population find the fugitive aircraft; “The public is asked to cooperate with military and civil authorities as efforts continue,” they announced through their official accounts.

He F-35 fighter Belongs to 501st Fighter Attack Training Squadron of the United States Marine Corps, the unit in charge of train novice pilots.

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