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Was praising China, now Muizzu will be removed from power? Maldives opposition in full preparation

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The sword of removal from power is hanging over Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu. In fact, MDP, the main opposition party which has majority in the Parliament of Maldives, is preparing to move a proposal to impeach President Mohammed Muizzu. Meanwhile, the ruling coalition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) is ready to ‘die’. The coalition said on Monday that they will not allow efforts to remove President Mohammad Muizzu to pass parliament.

At a press conference on Monday, PPM Parliamentary Group (PG) leader and Aidafushi Constituency MP Ahmed Salim (Redwave Salim) said the coalition will not seek any MDP support to remove President Muizzu from his office, The reports. Will also stop the attempt. Ahmed Salim was quoted as saying, “We will not give them any chance to move forward on the proposal. They will have to kill all of us before they can think of removing the President from office.”

Let us tell you that in the voting held in the Parliament of Maldives on Sunday for four members in the cabinet of pro-China President Mohammed Muizzu, only one member could get approval. The country’s main opposition party had issued a whip against these cabinet members. A day before this, there had been a clash between pro-government MPs and opposition MPs over differences over approving members.

Now preparations are underway to remove ‘anti-India’ Muizzu from power. However, the ruling coalition claimed that impeachment would not be allowed to be implemented in any way, no matter how hard the MDP, which has the majority in Parliament, tries to do. Muizzu (45) had defeated outgoing President Ibrahim Mohammad Solih, who has good relations with India, in the presidential election in September last year. quoted an MDP MP as saying, “The MDP, in partnership with the Democrats, has gathered enough signatures for an impeachment motion.” However, he has not submitted it yet.” According to the news of ‘The Edition.MV’, the decision to submit the impeachment motion was taken unanimously in the meeting of MDP’s parliamentary group held on Monday. “The Constitution, along with the standing orders of Parliament, states that the President can be impeached with 56 votes,” the report said.

Parliament had recently amended its standing orders to simplify the process of presenting an impeachment motion. There are a total of 80 members in the Parliament of Maldives. The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has 45 members and its ally ‘The Democrats’ has 13 members. The ruling PPM-PNC alliance has two members from the Progressive Party of Maldives and 13 members from the People’s National Congress. There are three independent members, while Jamhoori Party and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) have two members each.

Before the signatures for the impeachment motion against the President were collected, the PPM-PNC alliance had submitted no-confidence motions against Speaker Mohammad Aslam and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Salim. Both belong to MDP party. According to reports, earlier in the day on Monday, Parliament voted to deny approval to Housing Minister Ali Haider Ahmed, Islamic Minister Mohammad Shaheem Ali Saeed and Attorney General Ahmed Usham, while Economy Minister Mohammad Saeed narrowly escaped in the process. .

Pro-government MPs from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives and the People’s National Congress (PPM) coalition stormed the parliamentary chamber after the MDP and Democrats parliamentary group decided to block parliamentary approval for four members of President Muizzu’s cabinet ahead of Sunday’s vote. Protests started, disrupting the proceedings. During this period, two MPs were injured in the fight.

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