TechnologyWe already know who will win the 2023/2024 Champions League… thanks to...

We already know who will win the 2023/2024 Champions League… thanks to this AI

After Manchester City in 2023, who will win the Big Ears Cup during the 2023/2024 edition? An artificial intelligence already gives a ranking of the favorites for the next Champions League.

There Champions League 2023/2024 edition has not yet started that an AI is already working to establish a ranking of the European clubs which statistically have the best chance of winning the prestigious cup.

AI already has its favorites for the Champions League

The draw for the group stages of the next Champions League is now closed. Opta Analyst took the opportunity to calculate the difficulty of each group based on a score between 0 and 100 for each team. A rating based on a large number of factors which provides the probability of each team qualifying from their group and then winning.

For Opta Analyst, the toughest group this year is group F in which PSG is located. The Parisian club will have to face Dortmund, Milan and Newcastle. Groups C and D follow. Manchester City is in group G which is ranked fourth here in order of difficulty.

Ranking of the 2023/2024 Champions League groups in order of difficulty according to Opta Analyst.

Based on this first analysis, the artificial intelligence determined the average of the opponents in each team’s group. Taking the example of four English clubs, Newcastle are not very well off with opponents whose average rating is 89.8. Manchester United (87) is doing a little worse than Arsenal (86.4) and Manchester City (85.6).

So the value of a team is only part of the equation. The other is the more or less complicated draw they got. Which takes us to the “final” ranking made, always on the basis of statistics.

  1. Manchester City
  2. Bayern Munich
  3. Arsenal
  4. real Madrid
  5. Naples
  6. Inter Milan
  7. Manchester United
  8. Atletico Madrid
  9. FC Porto
  10. FC Barcelona
  11. RB Leipzig
  12. Newcastle
  13. Borussia Dortmund
  14. AC Milan
  15. SL Benfica
  16. PSV

Without much surprise, it is the defending champion, Manchester City, which is at the top of the ranking with a score of 100. At a good distance, we find Bayern Munich (94.6), followed by Arsenal (93 .3), Real Madrid (93.5) and Napoli (93.2). If you look for PSG, they are not even in the top 16 in the rankings.

Top 16 Champions League Team 2023
Ranking of the favorite teams to win the 2023/2024 Champions League according to Opta Analyst.

But football lovers know that statistics are not everything. Certainly, this AI had correctly predicted the winner of the 2022 Football World Cup. But it is precisely because sport sometimes reserves surprises that supporters will be behind their favorite teams to thrill to the Champions League.

Since artificial intelligence makes it possible, don’t hesitate to give us your predictions for the competition.

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