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‘We see the mood for change’

The Morena and PT candidate for mayor of Torreón, Shamir Fernández Hernández, visited El Siglo de Torreón to present his proposals at the start of his campaign. “We see the mood for change,” he said at the beginning.

Shamir Fernández declared that “it is not possible for us to give continuity to the lack of pavement, the scarcity of water, the lack of drainage, the lack of attention to public services. I believe that we must seek, as a priority, the attention of public services, in a comprehensive way, where we have savings and with that have adequate infrastructure, such as first-class pavement.

The candidate spoke for an “austere, effective and efficient government where we seek to eliminate all the corrupt, all the aviators and above all that we have a government that does not have privileges or excesses.”

Fernández Hernández touched on the selection process of the mayoral candidates, describing that it was carried out through a survey, which he considered a “democratic opening” that Morena has.


He stated that in the economic issue the municipality needs to have a “big” economic explosion, “if companies arrive, but we do not compare ourselves with Saltillo and we do not compare ourselves with other capitals or cities in the country, I believe that Torreón has enormous potential, it has very qualified people, we have many universities, we export talent, I think we have to find a way to have that explosion.”

He stated that the adequate infrastructure must be in place to take advantage of nearshoring and when companies arrive “be at 100 percent.”


He stated that the reasons for his departure from the Institutional Revolutionary Party were many. One of them that despite making many efforts “I never saw a solution to it” and despite insisting as a federal representative or local representative, “their priorities, the work they did was very different from mine.”

“Here we have a large debt from Coahuila and that does not give us the opportunity to have work. We took stock of the previous six years, there were 350 billion pesos that came from resources from all Mexicans and we did not even have a billion of work in Torreón”.


The candidate was questioned about the state of security in the municipality of which he stated. “If Coahuila is safe it is because many of us intervened, I was a local deputy on two occasions, I was president of the Public Security Commission in the State Congress, we took many actions to make Coahuila safe. I was present in the creation of many initiatives that today they make Torreón safe.”

She closed her message with one of her key proposals, the Home Transformer card, dedicated to women in order to support the family economy, the basic basket, housing improvement, among others.

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