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‘Welcome’ or ‘Welcome’? A misspelled word goes viral in letters from the ejido of San Pedro, Coahuila

In a quiet corner of San Pedro, Coahuila, is the ejido of San Miguel. Recently, this place came into the spotlight due to a spelling correction that sparked controversy in the community.

The word in question “Bien Venidos”, which adorned the structure of the identity letters of the ejidobecame a topic of conversation in recent days.

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The question on the minds of the residents was whether it should be written separately, as it had originally been written, “Bien Venidos,” or as a single word, “Welcome“, as it ended up after the correction…

Opinions varied, some considered that the correct form was “Welcome”, others, however, maintained that the correction to “Welcome” was correct from a grammatical point of view. Comments and discussions This issue was echoed in the community.

The letters were corrected before the inauguration.


The Royal Spanish Academy, the highest authority in the Spanish language, supports the form “Welcome” as the favorite. However, it is important to note that both options are grammatically correct, although “Welcome,” which leaves room for interpretation.

Meanwhile, the identity letters were the subject of an inauguration in which they were dressed in national colors and elements related to the Mexican Revolution, enhancing its presence on the boulevard of the San Miguel ejido.

However, some voices in Saint Peter They express nostalgia for the old design of the letters.

This small controversy about spelling and design in the identity letters of the ejido San Miguel shows how details can spark lively conversations in a community that values ​​its identity and traditions.

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