GlobalWelfare pension payment schedule announced

Welfare pension payment schedule announced

From November 6 to 30, the deposit of the Pension paid for Seniors corresponding to the November – December two-month period will be made, in a scheduled manner according to the letter of the first surname of the beneficiaries.

It was this Saturday the 4th that the Secretary of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel Reyes, through her official accounts, announced the payment schedule.

For day 6 it will only be for surnames that begin with the letter A; on Tuesday the 7th with the B, Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th the letter C; on Friday the 10th with the letters D, E and F. Saturday and Sunday there is no payment.

It restarts on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th for the letter G; Wednesday the 15th, for the letters H, I, J, and K; Thursday the 16th continues with the letter L; and on Friday the 17th, for the letter M.

On Monday, November 20, payment is suspended and continues until the 21st with the letter M. Wednesday the 22nd is for the letters N, Ñ and O; on Thursday the 23rd for the letters P and Q, while on Friday for the letter R.

It continues on Monday, November 27 also for the letter R; Tuesday the 28th for the letter S; Wednesday the 29th for the letters T and U and ends on the 30th for the remaining letters which are V, W, X, Y and Z.

At the time, the Welfare delegate in Durango, Iván Ramírez, reminded the beneficiaries that it is not necessary for them to go to the ATMs on the same day, since they will be able to use their resource whenever they wish after the designated date, since the resource is not lost.

On the other hand, and to avoid cases of theft as were detected in Torreón, it is recommended not to ask for help or receive help from a stranger when going to the ATM. To avoid this, it is recommended to go with a family member or trusted person.

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