LifestyleWhat harm has desi ghee done to us?, read here

What harm has desi ghee done to us?, read here

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Nowadays, people don’t know what problem they have with desi ghee, some do not like its smell, some are afraid that they may become fat.

But when it comes to food in hotel, it is necessary to use butter, roti should also be with butter.

And in the name of health, they eat refined vegetable oil and think that the heart will be good.

And let me tell you how all this happened,

Just a few days ago, I was watching a video of a big American naturist on YouTube,

In that he tells how clarified butter i.e. what we call desi ghee is good for our heart. He said that eating desi ghee does not increase obesity but eating desi ghee increases good fat in the body.

He also told that desi ghee is very useful in reducing swelling of body and cells.

For stomach, if you eat one spoon of desi ghee on an empty stomach in the morning, then all the problems will be solved.
And it is also very tasty to eat,

Then the anchor says that if there are so many benefits then are Indians stupid for not eating it and started laughing saying,

On this he said that it is not the fault of the Indians but of the British and Americans.

When industrial revolution took place in the country, the production of vegetable ghee increased.
which was initially used in Denmark to lubricate bullock cart wheels,

When these products came to India, no one used them, so the traders used to feed whole paratha bottom in it for free, and it was delicious. They also told that this vegetable oil is made by mixing many types of plants which is good for health. And it is also very cheap,

And it was sold at such a cheap price that people stopped eating desi ghee, due to which ghee traders started selling vegetable ghee.

Ghee makers removed their cows and started doing other business and in this way, due to the actions of the British, the trend of desi ghee decreased in India.

After this comes the turn of refined. When refined came in the market, it was promoted in winter because it was not known,

When the market was caught a little, a rumor was spread in the Indian market that animal fat is mixed in vegetable ghee.

After which the market of vegetable ghee was disrupted,

Seeing the opportunity, refined was brought out in the market,

And people started eating it, but after a few years, people started having health problems and doctors found that refined oil was the most dangerous, so taking advantage of the opportunity, healthy oils for the heart were removed – all these refined oils of peanut, soybean and sunflower. In which the percentage of these oils is only 10%, the rest is rice oil and plam oil.

which is harmful for the body,

He told that drop the refined oil somewhere and leave it for 2 or 3 days, it will stick like glue, then imagine what it would do to the body.
It blocks all the arteries and thickens the blood.

There is no stupidity of Indians in this, rather we have destroyed their market.

Therefore, those who think ghee is dangerous should try adding some butter and vegetable oil.

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And also comment and tell whether you eat desi ghee, dalda or refined oil.

Dr. Piyush Trivedi Ayurveda Medical Incharge Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Jaipur.

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