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What is ‘Amaterasu’ and why is it considered the second most intense lightning bolt on Earth?

On May 27, 2021, the Osaka Metropolitan University Array Telescope in Japan captured the impact of the second most energetic cosmic ray ever observed in the history of planet Earth.

The most powerful lightning bolt in history is ‘Oh-My-God’, named for its energy of 320 eV (electronvolts).

The team that formed the investigation of the lightning bolt, which they named Amaterasu, in honor of the Japanese deity of the Sun, is led by associate professor Toshihiro Fujii of the School of Science and members of the Yoichiro Nambu Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics of the institution. educational mentioned above.

Their discovery was achieved with the help of 507 stations with scintillation detectors or the physical process in which an element emits ultraviolet visible light under the excitation of photons. This system is located in an area of ​​approximately 700 square kilometers in the Utah desert.

Thanks to their discovery, scholars hope to know the origin of this and, in itself, of cosmic rays. To know its intensity, the experts reported in a study in the journal Science that Amaterasu recorded an energy of 244 eV, equivalent to 2.4 billion times more than that contained in lightning in a conventional storm.

“When I first discovered this cosmic ray, I thought it was a mistake, since it showed a level of energy unprecedented in the last three decades,” Fujii said in a statement reported by the magazine. Science.

According to the academic, it has not yet been discovered where cosmic rays come from, so “no promising astronomical object has been identified that matches the direction from which the cosmic ray arrived.”

In Fujii’s words, this “suggests possibilities for unknown astronomical phenomena and novel physical origins beyond the standard model.”

The Array Telescope website states that it maintains permanent collaboration with universities and institutions in the USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and Belgium. The experiment is designed to observe cosmic ray-induced air showers with extremely high energy.

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