GlobalWhat is Comet Diablo and when can it be seen in Mexico?

What is Comet Diablo and when can it be seen in Mexico?

In just a few days, astronomy fans will be able to appreciate an unprecedented spectacle. This is the first appearance – after 71 years – of the celestial body known as Comet Diablo.

According to experts, this comet is three times the size of Mount Everest. Comet Diablo will approach planet Earth in the coming days, although from now on, it can already be observed by specialized telescopes and some non-professional ones given its large size.

Why is it called Comet Diablo?

According to experts, the so-called Comet Diablo is a cryovolcanic celestial body. This means that, at any time, it can generate an eruption – similar to a volcano – but during its passage and interaction with cosmic dust, gases and ice. The above would occur by increasing the pressure inside while it heats up.

In 2023, the comet produced an explosion that caused it to receive that name. It was a second column of material that emerged to the surface, after being illuminated a hundred times, which gave it the appearance of having horns; hence the name Comet Diablo.

When to see Comet Diablo?

According to NASA (US Aeronautics and Space Administration), it will be located 117 million kilometers from the Sun, on March 31, when it passes over Mexico, the US and Canada. Comet Diablo will reach its perihelion – its closest point to the Sun’s orbit – on April 21, which may also be visible during the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8.

The maximum brightness can be seen in April, but its maximum proximity will be recorded on June 2. This will allow scientists to have a different view of the phenomenon.

After moving away from planet Earth, Comet Diablo is expected to return close to our orbit until 2095. This could be a good opportunity to see this phenomenon, since surely not many people will be able to appreciate it for the second time in 71 years.

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