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What is ISIS-K, which wreaked havoc on Christians in Moscow, what is the root of enmity with Russia?

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More than 60 people have died and 145 have been injured in a terrorist attack during a music concert in the Russian capital Moscow. Terrorist organization ISIS-K has taken responsibility for this and said that it has killed a crowd of Christians. The terrorists, who reached the venue in military uniform, carried out indiscriminate firing and then detonated a bomb, which resulted in large-scale deaths.

This attack has happened at a time when Vladimir Putin has been elected President of Russia for a record fifth time. On the other hand, due to Ukraine war, Russia is hurting in the eyes of western countries including America and on the other hand, China and North Korea are creating new stories of friendship with Putin. Meanwhile, this IS attack has further heated up the already tense regional geopolitics.

What is ISIS-K?
Islamic State (IS) is a terrorist organization. It is also called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Afghan branch of Islamic State is known as Islamic State-Khorsan ISIS-K. ISIS-K is named after a historical region covering parts of present-day Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. In recent times, this organization has carried out many cruel incidents. It has been more active in eastern Afghanistan since 2014.

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ISIS-K’s strength declined in 2018 due to the Taliban and US military operations. Despite this, the terrorist organization group remains a significant threat in the region as the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021 has reportedly reduced America’s ability to fight such extremist groups and gather intelligence. Yet US intelligence had already been aware of ISIS-K’s Moscow attack. America had also informed Russia about this.

Why did ISIS-K attack Russia?
The attack underscores the animosity between Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent military push into the Middle East. Let us tell you that Russian President Vladimir Putin had sent Russian troops to Syria to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and to combat other extremist groups including ISIS. IS terrorists took this step of Russia as a Russian attack on them.

killed crowds of Christians; ISIS says terrorist attack in Russia, 60 killed

Additionally, experts believe that ISIS-K views Russia as a Christian country that oppresses Muslims and opposes the interests of Muslims. As a result, IS fighters were planning to teach Russia a lesson for a long time. The big thing is that the high ranks of ISIS-K are occupied by terrorists from Central Asia, who have hatred against Russia. It is believed that Russia’s military action in Syria in recent times has fueled their old hatred and the terrorist organization has thus resorted to mass killing of Christians.

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