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What is it and how to activate ‘Meta AI’, WhatsApp’s new artificial intelligence?

In recent days, the company Meta of the American programmer and entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that it would add new experiences with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to one of its most popular applications: WhatsApp.

This is ‘Meta AI’ which, in its beta version, will allow users to chat with the assistant 1 on 1 and even send messages in groups to make recommendations in a hurry, resolve a debate, tell a joke and even , answer questions or teach you something new.

Some of the notable features of ‘Meta AI’ are creating AI images using text commands; You can throw @Meta AI in your group conversations to ask for any suggestions (meals, restaurants, tourist sites, etc.); and even ask the system to find the best routes to reach a destination, the weather of the day or another task.

A notable difference that could be a competitive advantage for ‘Meta AI’ is the use of public figures who serve as AI robots. Such is the case of the athlete Tom Brady, who plays Bru, a controversial athlete; he influencer Mr. Beast, who serves as the older brother named Zach; and Paris Hilton, as Amber, a seasoned crime detective.

As if that were not enough, Meta’s AI will allow you to create stickers custom and add effects to an image just by asking the system. This last tool could soon be available for the Instagram application.

How to activate ‘Meta AI’?

To have access to the new WhatsApp function, it is necessary to download the beta version of said application. If you have a device with iOS operating system, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the App Store and search for WhatsApp.
  • Download the Beta version and verify that it is the latest version (
  • And, once you have the appyou can enjoy the benefits of ‘Meta AI’ in WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram chats.

For the Android operating system you have to follow the same steps.

It is worth mentioning that ‘Meta AI’ is only available in the US. The company announced that there will soon be expansion plans to other countries.

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