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White phosphorus released by the Israeli army to create a smoke screen appears on the Lebanese border, according to Reuters

Severe and deep burns characterize most of the injuries resulting from the ongoing Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October, as said by Doctor Muhammad Al-Hawajra, the medical coordinator for Doctors Without Borders at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, who we spoke with before the Israeli army stormed the hospital.

Al-Hawajra told the BBC that most often burn injuries of this type require surgical intervention, skin grafts and restoration, and the least harmful ones require a long period of treatment, amid a shortage of ointments and necessary medical tools, and a very poor health situation.

But Al-Hawajra did not specify the cause of these burns, whether they were caused by the use of white phosphorus or other weapons. “What we noticed as doctors were severe burns. We are not concerned with the type of weapon as much as we are concerned with the plan for treating and assisting the injured.”

Did Israel use white phosphorus in its war on Gaza?

Although the Israeli army denied the use of white phosphorus in Gaza, international organizations confirmed that they had evidence of its use in Gaza and southern Lebanon. International organizations also stressed in their reports the prohibition of the use of white phosphorus over populated areas.

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