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What we know about María Hilda ‘N’, former Miss Puebla accused of trafficking indigenous women

Theresa “N” escaped from the house where she ‘worked’, supported by eduardo rodilesa neighbor of the neighborhood, and filed a complaint against the woman who claimed to be his “boss” before the Attorney General of the State of Puebla in the month of April 2022, she had been confined for three years in that home and instead of a Decent jobwas tortured, assaulted and victim of human trafficking by the woman who hired her

María Hilda “N”, aka “Miss Torture”and also known as Lilly “N” is accused of the crime of trafficking in persons for the purpose of labor exploitation, a crime for which she was already arrested for the second time; according to National Registry of Detentions, The woman was apprehended on the afternoon of March 18 by the Justice Prosecutor of Puebla.

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However, who is Miss Torture? María Hilda or Lili “N” is originally from zacapoaxtla and was crowned beauty queen of the pageant “Our Beauty Puebla” in its 1991 edition.

At the time of her first arrest, on March 9, when she was apprehended in the Instituto Oriente parking lot and tried to escape from the Investigative Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office aboard his vehicle, an action that was frustrated; María Hilda “N” had various accusations for the crimes of human trafficking against indigenous women of the Northeast Sierra of Puebla.

Although she was released for the alleged illegal seizure upon being arrested on private property without a warrant.

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Lili “N” is singled out for having forced at least 15 women over 30 years to do domestic choresthrough physical, psychological and economic violence.

Presumably, the woman kept her victims at her home in the san manuel colonywhere it prevented them from any form of communication with the outside, threatening to hurt their family members or physically assaulting them and thus keep them working as domestic workers for the farce promise to pay them a salary of thousand 500 pesos per week.

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