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What you should know about the ‘Burning Man’ and the floods at the festival

The festival known as ‘Burning Man’ or ‘Man on Fire’ is a party that, since 1986, is described as a festival that brings together global artists, content creators, community organizers who create art and local initiatives around the world.

As its name says, a man on fire is the attraction of one of the final days of the great event. According to the organizers, a wooden structure called “El Hombre” is set on fire on the penultimate night. It is the moment of greatest euphoria, according to attendees.

The burning of the structure causes it to become an indefinable event, an endless tradition that promises to return, a spiritual retreat that aims to bring new cultural currents each time it is carried out.

As part of the event held in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, the so-called ‘burners’ establish themed camps to promote the ‘gift economy’. It is about offering goods or services without the need to receive any financial remuneration in return.

The event took place from August 27 to September 4 and the cost ranged from $500 to $575; some media like CNBC He explained that the experience (lodging, food, transportation and clothing) could have reached 1,500 to 2,000 dollars.

It should be noted that the 2023 edition of ‘Burning Man’ was not entirely pleasant, due to the large number of storms that occurred from last September 1 until the closing of the event. According to the SMN (National Meteorological Service), it was heavy rain of more than 13 millimeters.

The burning of “El Hombre” had to be postponed.

Tension increased when Nevada authorities began to investigate the death of a person whose identity is unknown so far. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed the cause of death, according to the television network. KNSD until the night of September 3rd.

The people who were stranded in the event had to leave the desert with plastic bags on their feet to avoid the mud and mud; still others chose to walk regardless of getting their pants, dresses, and even their shoes dirty.

The organizers have reported that conditions will improve and that they hope to open on September 4, in the morning or at noon, to conclude the event.

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