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When a heart attack comes, do this immediately, your life will be saved.

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In today’s time, diseases have increased a lot. People suffer from different types of diseases every day, but today we will talk about heart attack. What kind of disease is heart attack? If blood stops reaching a part of the heart muscle, blood clots start forming. Due to which the risk of heart attack increases even more. Apart from this, smoking and high cholesterol can also cause heart attack. Due to all these, heart attack starts reading. If you smoke, it harms your heart. Increase in cholesterol causes many problems in the heart arteries.

definitely take cpr
When a heart attack occurs, there is pain in the middle of the chest, stiffness and a feeling of heaviness, apart from this, pain in the garden, jaw, shoulder, difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, fainting, dizziness, Feeling tired, all these cause heart attack. But when you have this kind of problem, you should start taking CPR as soon as possible. CPR pumps oxygen with blood to your heart and brain, which helps you get relief quickly.

Check pulse in case of attack
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. If you are having any problem like heart attack, then the first thing you have to do is check your pulse. Or if there is someone around you who is having trouble breathing or is panting, then check their pulse. The correct way to check the pulse is to feel the heartbeat by placing two fingers on your wrist or neck and listen to the heartbeat on the chest by putting your ear to it.

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Web Title-When a heart attack comes, do this immediately, your life will be saved.

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