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When Sourav Ganguly came out of the house in ‘Sardarji’ getup, know what was the matter

New Delhi. The life of a celebrity is also not easy. Of course, people who achieve success in sports, cinema or any other field have fame and wealth, but due to being famous, their ‘privacy’ is snatched away. Like a common man, celebrities can neither go with their families to watch a movie or concert of their choice nor can they stand on the road and enjoy Panipuri, Bhelpuri or chaat-pakodas. There is a danger of being recognized and due to this their public life is often limited to the four walls of their home.

Team India’s star batsman Virat Kohli recently took a break of about two months and stayed outside the country at a place where no one recognized him. Similarly, during his international career, to avoid public attention, former captain Sourav Ganguly once came to his city Kolkata in the guise of Sardarji to watch Durga Visarjan.

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Taking the form of Sardarji, he reached Durga Visarjan.
Saurav has told in detail about this incident in his autobiography ‘A Century is Not Enough’. He wrote, ‘Like every Bengali, Durga Puja is my favorite festival. I like Durga Puja so much that I always try to participate in this journey of Mother Goddess on the last day of the puja. This is the day when Goddess Durga is immersed in the Ganga. At that time, there is so much crowd around the ghat that once during my captaincy days, I had decided to go to the immersion ghat in disguise as a member of Harbhajan Singh’s community. I went there in the guise of Sardarji.

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Wife Donna had arranged for a makeup artist.
Saurav wrote, ‘In such a situation, there was a danger of getting surrounded by my people, but the temptation of sitting in a truck with family members and participating in the immersion of Goddess Maa was much stronger. Wife Dona had arranged for a make-up artist for this, who came home and transformed me from a hardcore Bengali to a real looking ‘Sardarji’. Although my relatives were making fun of me saying that I would be recognized, I accepted the challenge. However, they (relatives) turned out to be right. The police did not allow me to stand on the truck and I had to follow the truck with my daughter Sana by car.

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recognized a police inspector
Saurav further writes, ‘As soon as the car reached Babughat area, a police inspector looked at me carefully and smiled in recognition. I felt embarrassed and asked her to keep the secret to herself. This whole exercise was not in vain. To understand that immersion near the river is a wonderful sight, you have to be there and see it. After all, Durga Maa returns only after a full year.

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Ignoring security, he left the hotel in Pakistan too
During the Indian team’s tour of Pakistan in 2004, Sourav had taken a similar risk by going out of the hotel without security arrangements. Saurav wrote in the book, ‘Although I have visited Pakistan many times, the security arrangements that were in place in 2004 were the strictest. Would you believe that the Indian captain had escaped from that fort of security one day at midnight to have fun with some of his friends. We had won the historic series of ODI matches in Pakistan. Some of my friends had also come from Kolkata to watch that decisive match of the series. After midnight I found that my friends were planning to go to the famous food street for tandoori and kebabs. This area of ​​Lahore is famous by the name of Gwalmandi. Look at my audacity that I did not even tell my security officer because he would not let me go. I only told my team manager Ratnakar Shetty that I am going with friends.

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This is how Saurav was saved from getting into trouble.
Saurav wrote, ‘I quietly left through the back door. Was wearing a cap which covered half my face. Even my teammates did not know that I had gone out without any security. Food street is a place where you are always in danger of being recognised. There someone had asked me with enthusiasm – Hey, you are Sourav Ganguly, aren’t you? Then I changed my voice and replied in denial. Another man came in front of me and said-Sir, are you here? Did your team play well? I immediately ignored him and started behaving as if I had no connection with cricket. The man walked away shaking his head in surprise. We were about to finish dinner when someone exposed my lie. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was seen at some distance from where we were sitting on chairs. As soon as he saw me, he started shouting – Saurav, Saurav. I was in trouble. My friends started getting worried about me because the crowd was increasing rapidly. Then some policemen came and surrounded me and took me to the car. We reached the hotel safely. ,

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Musharraf said – Next time if you want to go, please inform the security.

Sourav Ganguly wrote, ‘What was unfolding the next morning after the Gwaltoli incident was even more sensational. I had informed the team manager about the night’s incident. After this I went to my room when the phone rang. The call was directly from the office of (then) President Pervez Musharraf. A voice came from the other side – President wants to talk to you. I was shocked. What happened after all was that the President of Pakistan had to call the Indian captain. President Musharraf said in a soft but firm voice – Next time when you want to go out, please inform the security and we will send the entire staff with you. I was reduced to water.

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