GlobalWhich film will win? Road to the Oscar 2024

Which film will win? Road to the Oscar 2024

Oppenheimer, Poor Creatures, The Moon Killers, Barbie, Maestro, American Fiction, Anatomy of a Fall, Past Lives and Those Who Remain, were selected in the Best Film category at the next Oscars.

Here we give you some details about the films and where you can see them:


The story starring Cillian Murphy, who plays physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb, has been one of the big winners of the awards season. It can be seen in local cinemas.


With Emma Stone in the role of Bella Baxter, this peculiar story follows the scientist Dr. Godwin (William Dafoe), now he is the one who revives a woman to be his apprentice, but after being hidden in the laboratory she decides to flee when a lawyer, played by Mark Ruffalo, proposes. Currently in theaters.


With Martin Scorsese as director, this film has already given Lily Gladstone awards for her portrayal of a native woman from the Osage community, who in real life were murdered when it was discovered that there was oil on their land. In addition to Lily, the cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brendan Fraser. It can be seen on Apple TV+.


Directed by Greta Gerwig and with Margot Robbie leading the cast and production, this story inspired by the most famous doll in the world seeks to break gender stereotypes. It can be seen on HBO Max and in local theaters.


Bradley Cooper also earned the lead actor nomination with this film that tells the story of conductor Leonard Bernstein, who was the first American-born conductor to gain worldwide fame. It is available on Netflix.


Written and directed by Cord Jefferson, it tells the story of English professor Thelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison, who writes a satirical novel under a pseudonym, with the intention of exposing the hypocrisy of the publishing industry. Coming soon in theaters


Sandra (Sandra Hüller) is a German writer who lives with her French husband, Samuel, and her 11-year-old son Daniel, who have had an isolated life, but after a twist in history, she will now have to prove her innocence in the death of her husband. She is currently in lagoon cinemas.


Forced to spend the Christmas holidays with a group of students from the school where he works, the unfriendly teacher Paul Hunham will have to learn to deal with this challenge where he will develop a bond with an intelligent troublemaker and the head chef. Currently available in theaters-


The director of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Rudolf Höss, tries to build a dream life for his family in a house with a garden near the camp, but everything will change when he begins to suspect that his wife is unfaithful. Coming soon in theaters


Two childhood friends who separate and meet again many years later, having experienced very different lives in very different countries. It is a reflective film that can be seen on Movistar+ and this February 1st in local cinemas.

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