GlobalWhite Balance during marches for #25N: CDMX Government

White Balance during marches for #25N: CDMX Government

With about 1,500 participantsbetween feminist collectives and social activiststhe mobilizations in Mexico City for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women They concluded with “white balance”, reported capital authorities.

In a joint statement, the Government and Citizen Security Secretariats reported that the various mobilizations, which began after 10amfrom points like the Angel of Independencehe Monument to the Revolution and the Women’s Gazebo that fight, among others, and that converged in the capital zocaloafter 5:00 p.m., “they developed in a peaceful and they had a total attendance of 1,500 people”.

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Both agencies led the interinstitutional operation which was implemented in various parts of the city, with the objective of guarantee the HEsecurity and the right to free demonstration mothers of femicide victims and disappearancewho attended the march of #25N to sue against all types of violence against women.

Along the march route they participated 1,100 female police officers of the Group “Athena“, in addition to elements of the Auxiliary Police, Traffic Police and the Banking and Industrial Police.

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In addition, just over two thousand workers from agencies such as the SECGOBWomen’s Secretariat and the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City, joined the Dialogue and Coexistence Brigade, as part of the safety device and accompaniment of mobilization.

With these actions, “the commitment to guarantee the right to free demonstration of all the inhabitants of the capital,” indicated the Government and Citizen Security Secretariats.


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