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Why Didi New Maldives President opts for Turkey over India as first port of call – International news in Hindi – The new President of Maldives changed his customs, left India and turned to this country; What is Muizzu’s trick?, Foreign News

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Maldives’ new President Mohammed Muizzu broke the decades-old tradition. Instead of coming to India, he has moved to an Islamic country. Muizzu has gone to Türkiye for his first official visit. Before this, the President of Maldives has been visiting India for his first foreign tour after winning the elections. However, Maldives’ new President Mohammed Muizzu on Sunday changed the decades-old tradition by leaving for Turkey for his first visit instead of coming to India.

During his visit, Mohammad Muizzu met with senior Turkish government officials to discuss opportunities for cooperation and strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries. According to the Office of the President of Maldives, the President of Maldives has accompanied his wife (First Lady) to visit Turkey along with a high-level delegation. “Turkey (Turkish) President Erdoğan said that he and the people of Turkey are honored that President Dr. Muizzu has paid a visit to Maldives for his first official visit as President of Maldives,” a Maldives Presidential Office release said. Chose Turkey.”

Well, let us tell you that breaking the traditions, Muizzu has been traveling abroad even before taking oath as the President, the primary objective of which is to explore other funding options to reduce dependence on India. Simply put, Muizzu wants to sideline India. Earlier this month, he visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and brought an assurance of $80 million from the Abu Dhabi Fund for the Male Airport project. Let us tell you that India had also given a credit line of 136.6 million dollars for the expansion of this project. Now the UAE’s assurance on top up funding means Maldives does not need to approach India for the second round of credit.

After his visit to Turkey, Muizzu will again leave for the United Arab Emirates to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) on November 30. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate in COP 28, but the chances of the two leaders meeting for the first time are slim. Muizzu has won the presidential election of Maldives by defeating the pro-India candidate.

When Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda took charge as Prime Minister for the first time, he also did not visit India and instead he made China his first destination. However, after difficulties during his first term as Prime Minister, he ensured that the next two times he became Prime Minister, he visited India first.

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