GlobalWhy do several Central American countries celebrate their independence on September 15?

Why do several Central American countries celebrate their independence on September 15?

On September 15, five countries Latin America They commemorate their independence. These are Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which declared the end of Spanish rule on this date in 1821.

September is also the month in which Mexico and Chili They began their independence processes on September 15 and 18, 1810 and, therefore, they celebrate it; although they did not consummate their separation from the European crown until September 27, 1821 and February 12, 1818, respectively.

The reason for the coincidence arises from the conquest, when the Spanish crown established four viceroyalties, that of New Spain, New Granada, Peru and Río de la Plata. In the first, the kingdom of Guatemala was also located, which included what are today Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

When the first revolts and calls for independence arose in Mexico in 1810, in part, thanks to the turbulent situation that Spain after the French invasion that deposed King Ferdinand VII; Almost immediately, they were echoed in the kingdom of Guatemala, so they all began their separation processes at the same time.

The battles for independence also ended at the same time, because Agustín de Iturbide managed to reach an agreement to make Mexican territory independent by signing the Treaties of Córdoba with Juan O’Donojú, who was the political leader and representative of Spain in all of New Spain. which, as was said, included the kingdom of Guatemala.

Being at that time, the same territory, these five Central American countries celebrated their independence on the same date, although in 1822, Mexico annexed the region that separated from the incipient country on July 1, 1823, constituting the United Provinces of the Central America.

It was not until more than a decade later, in 1838, when 5 independent countries were born that today share history, culture and past.

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