TechnologyWhy is E-SIM better than physical SIM? Airtel explained the benefits

Why is E-SIM better than physical SIM? Airtel explained the benefits

Airtel CEO says that E-SIM is better than physical SIM. E-SIM, or Embedded SIM, is a new type of SIM card that gets activated inside your mobile device, without the need for a physical SIM. The Airtel CEO also talked about the widespread adoption of Airtel 5GPlus that brings superfast speeds to users, but his main focus was on the benefits of e-SIM. He says that e-SIM gives you freedom from having a mobile phone. Let us know in detail.

Airtel CEO explained the benefits of e-SIM and said that it is a better option than physical SIM. He told that because of e-SIM, there is no need to always keep one’s smartphone with him, rather users can leave the phone at home while keeping the same e-SIM in their smartwatch. The CEO said (translated) “Gone are the days of carrying your phone during your morning jog. Now, your smartwatch can connect easily via e-SIM, allowing you to leave your phone at home while enjoying your run.” But you can leave.”

One of the many benefits of e-SIM technology is the ability to activate multiple mobile numbers on a single e-SIM. The CEO emphasized on the ease of device transition with e-SIM and its ability to simplify daily activities.

Regarding security concerns, he said that e-SIMs are a big challenge for criminals in cases of theft, because they cannot be taken out or removed from the phone like traditional SIM cards. This technology makes it more difficult for thieves to dispose of stolen devices.

The CEO also answered some common questions, so that it would be easier to understand its benefits: –

Question: Is my smartphone Airtel e-SIM compatible?
Answer: All devices that support e-SIM feature are compatible with Airtel e-SIM.

Question: Can I convert my physical SIM to e-SIM?
Answer: It is very easy to convert physical SIM to e-SIM through Airtel Thanks app. You just have to click on this link.

Question: How much time will it take to activate e-SIM?
Answer: It gets activated as soon as the e-SIM profile is downloaded and enabled.

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