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Will AI take over the world? This is what the creator of Wikipedia says

Every day that passes is a new opportunity for AI (artificial intelligence) to perfect its mathematical models and find a new tool with the aim of facilitating some task for the human race.

The alarming thing about this technology is that it could surpass what the human brain is capable of, according to experts. Wikpedia co-founder Jimmy Wales agrees with this statement and has said that superhuman AI will be ready in approximately 50 years.

In an interview with Euronews, Wales detailed that tools like ChatGPT are likely to continue supporting intellectual activities; but they are still at a very early stage.

And, according to the creator of the largest online encyclopedia in the world, AI could imply a breaking point with humanity, by opening various discussions around technology and political legislation.

According to Wales, artificial intelligence must be regulated to prevent the spread of harmful content and even to avoid putting the human race at risk.

During the conversation with the aforementioned media, the technology expert also reaffirmed his dislike for the American AI laboratory, OpenAI, since he considers its main tool, ChatGPT, as “terrible” and that “it doesn’t work at all.”

When trying to write a Wikipedia article with ChatGPT, the latter tool “makes up sources and really misses a lot of things and makes mistakes, plausibly, it’s a disaster,” Wales detailed. The system of ‘chatbot It is programmed to write articles, write songs and even health advice.

In recent weeks, OpenAI dismissed its director and co-founder, Sam Altman, whom it rehired a few days after being fired following threats from company employees to resign en masse. In this regard, Wales said that the company’s management is “worrying”; and he pointed out that “governance and decision-making” is necessary in new and modern companies like this one.

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