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Will forgive all mistakes; How Pakistan bowed to US pressure for loan and betrayed Russia

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Pakistan had secretly sold weapons to Ukraine and as a result, it got a loan from the IMF, which was pending for a long time. This claim has been made in a report by The Intercept. In this report, on the basis of internal documents of the government, it has been said that this secret deal was made with America, after which Pakistan supplied weapons to Ukraine. According to the report, America had said that if Pakistan moves forward on this deal, then all the mistakes made till now will be forgiven.

In fact, the war between Russia and Ukraine started in February 2022 and then Imran Khan himself reached Moscow to meet Putin. This visit of the then Pakistan PM Imran Khan amid the war was considered as Russia’s support. However, just two months later, a no-confidence motion was brought against Imran Khan and he was ousted from power. After this, Imran Khan had openly said several times that he had been removed from power at the behest of America. He had alleged that Pakistan Army was also involved in this deal.

So Imran Khan’s claim was true, the blame was on America only.

Just two months after Imran Khan was removed from power, Shehbaz Sharif, who became the new PM, quietly sent weapons to Ukraine. According to the report, in return Pakistan, burdened with debt, was given a bailout package from the IMF. It was said from America’s side that if Imran Khan was ousted then all the mistakes would be forgiven. Let us tell you that after the ouster of Imran Khan from power, the stand of the Government of Pakistan has been in support of America and its allied countries on the Ukraine issue. In return for this, he got an IMF loan as a reward.

Revealed in Pakistani Army documents

According to the Intercept, this year an insider handed over Pakistani Army documents to him. These documents show that there was a deal between America and Pakistan regarding the sale of arms. Under this, there was talk of arms sale from summer 2022 to February 2023. This arms deal was done with the interference of Global Military Products.

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