GlobalWith boots and hats, they enjoy an evening in Torreón with Edén...

With boots and hats, they enjoy an evening in Torreón with Edén Muñoz and El Fantasma

A few days ago Edén Muñoz and El Fantasma promised in an exclusive interview for El Siglo de Torreón, to offer a “party” for their Lagunero fans this Saturday, March 9.

What was promised is a debt, and the objective was fulfilled at the Centennial Coliseum.

After 8:00 p.m., attendees began to gather, dressing very much in keeping with the occasion: Texans and cowboy boots.

To see their favorite artist, some fans do everything; Eden and The Phantom fans are no exception. 24-year-old Daniela Meraz has admired Eden for 14 years; and like Edén and El Fantasma, who are good friends, she shares ties with her comadre Arely Flores, 29, who is a fan of El Fantasma.


Arely traveled from Los Angeles, California, to accompany Daniela on this musical journey. The latter, in her hands proudly carried a sign dedicated to the Sinaloan that said “You are my crush since 2010. I want a photo” and a crochet doll.

After talking to the press backstage, where both singers were very excited to star in this union, it was El Fantasma’s turn to go on stage.


At 10:31 p.m. the stage screen showed an image of a ghost and its musicians took their place.

The melodies of The Merry Boy and Sangoloteadito “caught” the public immediately.

In Cabrón y Vago the entire audience joined the native of San José de Cañas, Durango. Edén and El Fantasma participate in the composition of the song, in addition to Los Dos Carnales, with whom Alexander García originally sings the song.

The Duranguense performed his greatest hits and also gave the mariachi space to accompany him on stage.

The initials “EM” above the stage lit up and Edén Muñoz came out sharply at 12:10 am, to delight with A la antigüita:

“How I missed you cab…” he said between the melody. She took her accordion and played Good Love.

Both pleased their audience when it came time to join voices.

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