GlobalWith 'La Tesla' and Marianis, is Samuel returning to his old ways...

With ‘La Tesla’ and Marianis, is Samuel returning to his old ways of 2018?

The first week of the presidential pre-campaigns, in which the single pre-candidacies of the three competing forces compete against no one to “conquer” the candidacy and, now!, prepare to “start” the fight for citizen votes, gave us some facts worth mentioning.

The first is related to the martial discipline shown by those who line up in Morena. As in the best times of his predecessor, the PRI, from which he derived ideas, methodologies and, of course, vices.Morenoism concluded the process of selecting candidates for the nine governorships to be contested next year, without hardly suffering a scratch.

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Even Marcelo Ebrard has already “rectified”!

The second is the broad consensus expressed by most political analysts regarding the transformation, for the worse, of the Xochitl Galvez. Almost the entire commentocracy, with more or less vehemence, claimed to see a deflated campaign, an erratic candidate and an electorate whose initial spirit would have been diluted.

On Thursday and Friday, new signings to the Hidalgo campaign team were announcedamong them that of Max Cortázar as responsible for communication and that of the still governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme, who would barely have time to deliver the items next Friday and would already be getting on the train.

Finally there is the appearance on the scene – in digital, especially – of… The Tesla!by Mariana Rodríguez (Marianis, pa’ la race) and, accompanying them in the selfie, the story, the post, the Tiktokero video… the phospho-phospho gober: Samu, “El Nuevo”, according to its advertising slogan.

This last fact – that of the pre-campaign at the level of Samuel’s networks – deserves separate mention because could revive an episode starring García Sepúlveda himself in 2018when he won a seat in the Senate of the Republic but was at risk of losing it due to the improper use of trademarks to promote himself.

On that occasion, Samuel’s rivals filed appeals – before the INE and then before the Electoral Court – in which They accused him of improperly benefiting from the use and “intervention” of soccer team shirts with which photographs were taken and then posted on social networks.

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More words, less words, when saying the last word on the subject, the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation established, in the ruling of file SUP-REC-887/2018, a relevant criterion: when using trademarks, within the framework of their proselytizing activitypartisan candidates can engage in acts “of taking advantage of the reputation of others (of the brand) and, therefore, (that fact) must be valued and accounted for for the purposes of the campaign limit”.

That could happen with “The Tesla”, the Model the president (with license?) of Nuevo León decided to give it a great role in the videos broadcast on their social networks.

True: the truck is, in strictly legal terms, “a thing”, a good subject to commercialization and whoever, like Samuel, acquires it, can give it the most convenient use for his interests. But, that, according to the criteria established by the Electoral Court in the aforementioned ruling, has a nuance in the case of politicians..

Is Samuel trying to take advantage of the Tesla brand reputation to gain sympathy? And, in the case of his wife, who decided to make her name a registered trademark, could her prominence – even greater than that of Samuel – in the campaign, give rise to judicial controversies?

Put the topic on the 2024 succession agenda. It will provide a lot of cloth to cut.

Happy weekend!


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