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With the impetus of a warrior, Santos Laguna makes it to the ‘Play-In’: What is it and how will it be played?

SAN LUIS POTOSÍ.- With luck on his side and with the impetus of a “warrior”, Santos Laguna was imposed on a San Luis Athletic who did not know how to take advantage of his home ground, in a 2-0. These results of the match corresponding to the last day of the regular phase of Apertura 2023 allow the Torreonenses to continue with one foot inside of the contest, having secured his pass to the “Play-In”.

For their part, the people of Potosí put themselves in an uncomfortable situation, by risking their direct qualification to the Quarter finals.

Furthermore, the effects of the accident were also suffered by the Red Devils of Tolucawho had to say goodbye to the tournament.

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The importance of the last game in the regular phase did not seem to be enough for those of saint Louis that they could not complete important passes or shots, allowing the Laguneros achieve what they wanted.

From the first time, the Warriors They landed on the field with a firm step, so much so that in just eleven minutes they had already scored the two goals in their favor. And they did it with two very similar plays, which It makes it even worse for St. Louis.

From the corner kick collection, Felix Torres headed in the ninth minute and just two minutes later, Peter Aquino he replicated the play. Thus, both of them advanced – and led to victory – for their squad.

Those at home tried to respond, but, although they went on a euphoric attack, they never managed to even the score.

In the second half, the mood was different. Apparently, in the locker room the locals remembered the importance of getting a score that would keep them in the direct classification to the League.

However, the shortcuts Carlos Acevedo and the lack of precision of the attackers themselves, were unbeatable obstacles.

San Luis, now, has nothing left but to hope that Puebla does not manage to beat the Blue Cross.

Meanwhile, the squad of Pablo Repetto I needed victory no matter what.


Liga MX refuses to eliminate the Mexican soccer playoffs, but not to modify it. There will be a “Play-In” match. Only, unlike the four matches that were played in previous tournaments, now they will be only three that They will give two tickets to the Liguilla.

Remember that, for this campaign, places 1 to 6 will go directly to the Quarter finals.

But how will the Play-In be played?

The teams that finish in the positions 7, 8, 9 and 10will compete in this new type of playoff.

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The seventh place will face the eighth, while the ninth will face the tenth. The winner of 7 vs 8 will be the rival of the second place in the table in the phase of Quarter finals. However, the loser will have a second chance and face the winner of the 9 vs 10; The team that wins will be the leader’s rival America in the Quarter finals.

When will the Play-In be played?

Still there are no confirmed dates for the dispute; However, the first two games are expected to be played between the 22 and 23 of November. The third and last meeting would be days later between the 25 and 26 of November. Next Monday the dates and times would be confirmed with the crossings already defined.


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