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Wolf leaves the pack

After 25 years of activism, Victor Hugo Lobo Roman yesterday he left the PRD’s den, and took his pack in search of new territories in the political spectrum of the country’s capital.

The leader of the Aztec sun in the Congress of Mexico City, accompanied by advisors, leaders and leaders of his structure, assured that he could not remain in a party kidnapped by a clique of vivales.

It basically referred to Jesus Zambranowhom he accused of having submitted to the interests of the deputy Luis Espinosa Cházarowho recruited leaders to take control of the party.

Roman Wolf He said that thousands of militants were leaving with him, who handed over their party credentials as a sign of resignation; The CEN tried to minimize the fact.

The national leadership said that the number of militants that the deputy presumes is not real, and that the real reason for his resignation is because he will vote in favor of the ratification of Ernestina Godoy as a prosecutor, as if that were worth a 25-year militancy.

Regardless of how many militants it takes Roman Wolfis the only important figure on the left in the city who contributes votes and, in the face of an election that is expected to be very close, his team can tip the balance.

There was no surprise when the legislator left, and no one in the Broad Opposition Front did anything to prevent it. The PAN was afraid that the PRD might get angry, and they turned the other way.

Going through CDMX, he preferred to keep Espinosa Chazaroalthough he does not contribute a single vote to the cause, and that he only registers to pressure the PRI, PAN and PRD to give him a senatorship.

In addition to having to carry a package, the PAN members are putting a scorpion in their bag, because Luisito seeks to form a front with Sandra Cuevas and Adrian Rubalcava against the PAN Santiago Taboada.

If the blues They do not give in to their demands, Espinosa Chazaro and his allies would not raise a hand to him Taboada, which would discredit his candidacy. He is interested in being a senator and others are interested in scratching themselves with his nails.

He barely made his departure official, Roman Wolf messages of solidarity and several invitations to talk from leaders of Morena, Movimiento Ciudadano and others.

And, although the deputy made it clear that he would not go to any party, he did say that he will build a plural, progressive movement, which will seek to influence the government projects that are presented for the city.

The group of Roman Wolf It can influence the Head of Government, districts and mayors’ offices; ¿Espinosa Chazaro What can you contribute to the alliance?

What a disappointment he took yesterday Marcelo Ebrardwho dedicated himself to visiting various media outlets to boast that Morena promised to recognize anomalies in the last election of the corkseven apply sanctions, and that Claudia Sheinbaum He offered to open 25% of the legislative and mayoral spaces to his team, because according to him that is what is worth it. Marcelo tries to do with Morena what Andrés Manuel López Obrador he did with the PRD: he took over several spaces, which he later took advantage of to found his own party. The former chancellor already saw himself starting El Camino de México with a good bench, but it was the same Claudia who came out to tell him that in Morena there are no tribes and that if his people want a place, they should compete in the polls. So low he fell Marcelothat now not even because he recognizes Sheinbaum As a candidate, she avoids everyone laughing at her behind her back.

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