Globalwoman paid rupees 6 lakh instead of 600 for a Sandwich matter...

woman paid rupees 6 lakh instead of 600 for a Sandwich matter reached Bank of America know why – International news in Hindi – Sandwich worth Rs 600 and a tip of 6 lakh! The matter reached the bank, know why?, Videsh News

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A customer in America accidentally gave a tip of more than $7,000 (Rs 6 lakh) for a sandwich costing around Rs 600. According to NBC News, what actually happened was that a customer named Vera Connor had ordered an Italian sandwich of salami, pepperoni and ham at a local Subway outlet on October 23, which cost $7.54 (Rs 628), but while paying, At that time he gave a total tip of $7,105.44 (Rs 5,91,951).

Connor made this payment with his Bank of America credit card. While making the payment he accidentally entered the last six digits of his phone number. They felt like they had earned Subway loyalty points. He claimed that the screen might have changed and the amount might have been converted into a tip.

When she checked her credit card statement at the weekend she was shocked to see the bill. They thought, “Oh my God, how did this happen?” According to Connor, when she saw the receipt from Subway, she was surprised. The numbers printed on the money seemed familiar to him. Then he saw that it was the last six digits of his mobile, which had been converted into a tip.

Seeing this shock, Connor immediately contacted the credit card section of Bank of America but the bank refused to return the amount. After this she reached Subway, but her manager said that only the bank would be able to resolve the matter. Connor told NBC, “You hear all the time that you should use your credit card instead of your debit card so things like this don’t happen. I’m also angry at the bank because I feel like how did they not Thought that $7,000 at Subway was suspicious?”

After being refused by the bank, Connor again filed a complaint with the bank. Now after a month’s fight, the bank has temporarily returned that amount to his account and the bank has asked Subway to refund that amount. Subway has also agreed to this proposal of the bank.

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