LifestyleWoman starts debate for turning down ice cream date with Tinder flirt

Woman starts debate for turning down ice cream date with Tinder flirt

People are divided over a woman’s response to her Tinder hookup when she asked if she wanted to go on a date for ice cream.

In a July 11 post on the r/Tinder subreddit, user u/ Zhinii1, whose first name is Vance, posted a screenshot of his messages with a woman whom he asked to go on a date for ice cream. .

“I guess ice cream dates are considered a terrible idea nowadays,” the post read. To start the conversation, Vance used a simple message: “Hi, I’m Vance.” Both parties indicated their interest with smiling faces at the end of their initial introductions. However, the mood of the conversation suddenly changed after Vance proposed to have ice cream at their date scheduled for the next day.

“I hope you had a good day, I’m excited for tomorrow. I can pick you up, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, we can meet on the spot. I don’t know why but I feel like having some ice cream in this hot weather haha,” Vance wrote.

However, the suggestion did not sit well with Vance’s flirt, as she claimed that she “doesn’t” like “ice cream dates.”

She replied, “I’m sorry if this may sound rude, but I don’t like ice cream dates. I am a 26 year old female and a date like that seems like the bare minimum of effort to me. Getting together would be a waste of time for both of us since we probably don’t have the same vibe. All the best”.

With nothing more to say, the Reddit user ended the conversation by replying, “Great.” Vance also revealed that he realized shortly after the woman had removed the matches from Tinder and blocked her number.

Other Reddit users were surprised by the text exchange, which received more than 35,000 upvotes and generated more than 7,200 comments discussing the idea of ​​an “ice cream date.”

“He is someone who cannot enjoy the little things in life. He’s sad,” one person noted, while another agreed: “WOW. I would be so happy with a date idea that wasn’t the same old thing. She misses it. You will find someone who appreciates your ice cream date.”

Another person added: “Someone who can’t deal with the CHEAP things in life. She wanted him to show off.”

“It’s a first date derived from an app. Why would you want to risk getting stuck with someone for a long time over an expensive dinner? Many women prefer dating app hookups in coffee shops because there is very little pressure,” a confused Reddit user noted.

According to another person, the conversation actually worked in Vance’s favor: “Good dodge, sounds TOO serious and pretty boring.”

Although some Reddit users found it insulting that the woman didn’t want to go for ice cream, others understood her rejection.

On the r/TwoXChromosomes subreddit, one person defended the woman’s response, saying, “You can skip a date if you think it’s mediocre effort.”

Screenshot of the post on the r/TwoXChromosomes subreddit

(Reddit user u/Faintingoats)

“Of course posting about the woman is just an excuse for a rampant misogyny thread from men pitying how women use men to get free meals,” user u/Faintingoats continued. “The woman here was courteous, she communicated clearly, and in my opinion she did nothing wrong or worthy of being laughed at by hundreds of strangers.”

“He has the right not to want to meet you. You are allowed to think that an ice cream date is not fun, interesting, or worth your time. He is allowed free will and to be demanding even if you disagree with his personal standards. Women have the right to SAY NO and NOT give men a chance, and no amount of complaining on Reddit with other angry, lonely men will change that.”

In response to the debate, Vance chimed in to offer additional details, with the OP revealing that he had only had a “brief interaction” with the woman.

“Hello. I’m the OP, the only information left out was the conversation on the app before she gave me her number. It was a brief interaction. We had done matches before (a while ago) and I invited her back this time. She accepted and told me that she was free on Thursday. She changed her mind and said that she was busy, but that she was still free on Tuesday. I responded by asking for her number, as that would make her plans easier and she agreed. The post is what happened next. She blocked me after the text from her and removed the matches before I responded. My last message never reached you. I hope that clears things up,” she explained.

Now, the ice cream dating debate has gripped several other social media platforms, with users continuing to comment on why they might or might not prefer the date.

The Twitter account @Blackgirlinmain shared a screenshot of Vance, where he wrote: “I’m twice this woman’s age, but I think an ice cream date for an initial meeting is great. After two marriages and several flirtations, I offer this advice. The first date is a time to see if there is chemistry. Why not enjoy a treat while you see what happens?

“Who’s too old for ice cream?” he asked. “Some of you have strange ideas about what it means to be an adult.”

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