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Woman struck by lightning on Michoacán beach was from Guanajuato and was married

What was a patriotic weekend vacation outing on the beach turned into a nightmare for a marriage originally from León, Guanajuato; The fury of nature also killed a beach merchant.

Both the woman and the seller died struck by lightning when they walked on the sand of the Maruata beach in Michoacán.

Mario was a hammock seller, originally from Guerrero. He apparently wanted to shelter his merchandise from the storm.

Elvia de Jesús was a resident of the city of León. That cloudy afternoon by the sea was being recorded by another tourist when suddenly the unimaginable happened, as lightning struck the woman, hitting the merchant. Both died instantly.

The events occurred on the afternoon of last Friday, September 15.

Elvia de Jesús, 33 years oldhad arrived shortly before at Maruata beach, in the municipality of Aquila, along with her husband Roberto34 years old.

The people of Guanajuato would take advantage of the national holidays to tourist and arrived shortly before 9 in the morning in Maruata.

They had even already built a tent a few meters from the sea.

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According to testimonies, it was 2:15 in the afternoon when it started to rain and the couple got out of the water as the sea became rough.

Roberto went ahead and took refuge in one of the palapas, while his wife stayed a little longer to observe the cloudy horizon.

When the rain began to get worse, the young woman began to walk towards the palapa, and only a few meters from it, Mario sought to protect his merchandise from the water of the precipitation.

The lightning fell squarely on Elvia de Jesús and, as if it were a continuous but mobile discharge, it hit Mario.

The burned bodies of the victims were taken to the Forensic Medical Service of the State of Michoacán.

According to the secretary of the City Council, Jorge Jiménez Lona, the family of the victims have not requested any help, but they will be attentive to any situation that is offered.

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