TechnologyXiaomi's electric car about to be revealed? Like the Xiaomi 14?

Xiaomi’s electric car about to be revealed? Like the Xiaomi 14?

Xiaomi is reportedly about to present its Xiaomi 14 and MS11. The first is a smartphone, the second an electric car!

Mi Car, Xiaomi Car what will be the final name of the current MS11 project at Xiaomi? The suspense could soon end. And even very quickly… It is the site CarNewsChina, already at the origin of some leaks concerning the newcomer on the automobile market which reveals the information. The media, obviously very well informed, claims that Xiaomi would be a few weeks away from unveiling its first electric vehicle. The announcement could take place in early November at the same time as the officialization of the Xiaomi 14.

The manufacturer of smartphones and other scooters would, in any case, be at the very end of the process which will lead to the launch of its first car. Still according to the same media, Xiaomi is currently producing around 50 prototypes per week. These would be used for the final tests before being placed on the market, but also to obtain the various approvals necessary for marketing. According to another source from CarNewsChina, the latest wave of prototypes, the one which must receive the approval of the Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology (MIIT) is about to be launched. Final authorization could be issued to Xiaomi within a maximum of two months.

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A new competitor for the Model 3

A few days before the probable launch, the rumors concerning the technical sheet of the car have not evolved. And the photos of the camouflaged prototypes confirm what we already knew. Note that the MS11 will be an electric sedan Coupé, which will display proportions close to a Tesla Model 3.

According to the most recent leaks, Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle aims very high in terms of autonomy since it could carry a 101 kWh battery. As a result, its range would exceed 700 km. Based on an 800V architecture, the MS11 will also be capable of very high charging speeds. Finally, the Chinese media confirms that Xiaomi is still in the middle of the recruitment process. This concerns very specialized factory personnel. Around 100 people have already joined the ranks of the manufacturer in recent days. Xiaomi would also be very demanding regarding the criteria for working on the MS11 project. Thus, people who had previously worked for Mercedes or Tesla would have been rejected for hiring precisely because of their CV. This would be the last wave of recruitment for Xiaomi before the much more massive hiring of personnel dedicated to the production of the vehicle.

Xiaomi's future electric car
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This last stage is still planned for the beginning of next year and the objective has not moved one iota since Lei Jun’s last speech concerning the project. Xiaomi wants to produce 300,000 copies of its electric car in the first year. Moreover, its price would already be estimated at 200,000 yuan, which in China represents less than 30,000 euros. At this price and given its technical capabilities, it should directly compete with the Tesla Model 3. And in Europe? Xiaomi has not yet communicated on a possible wish to market its electric car on the Old Continent.

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