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Xóchitl Gálvez meets with young people from Saltillo: he proposes scholarships and facilities to buy a house

The presidential candidate of the “Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México” coalition, Xóchitl Gálvez, proposed to the youth of Saltillo to increase the amounts of scholarships for students, a card for telephone data and improve access to housing.

On her first visit to Coahuila as a campaign candidate, Gálvez expressed to hundreds of young people her intention to take care of them “like a mother” against crime.

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At the ‘Meeting with Fearless Youth X24’, the candidate was accompanied by the senatorial candidates Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís and María Bárbara Cepeda Boehringeras well as for Juan Pablo Sánchez Gálvezson of the candidate and youth coordinator in the campaign.

To receive the candidate, an event hall north of Saltillo was filled with white t-shirts with the code ‘X24’, as well as the placement of a basketball board and stands for selfies.

As a first proposal, Gálvez Ruiz reiterated his commitment to confronting crime and caring for young people. “There are no more hugs for criminals, we give them to apply the law. They are going to have an enthroned president”he indicated.

The standard bearer of the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance mentioned the massacres in Tlaquepaque, Celaya, Salvatierra and Lagos de Moreno to highlight the crisis of violence that is being experienced in the country.

“The reason why I want to be president is because it is not fair that the main cause of death of young people between 15 and 24 years old is homicide. Enough is enough, enough is enough that a young person is 50 percent more likely than an adult to be murdered.”he pointed.

The candidate also reiterated that current social programs are not going to disappear, including Youth Building the Future. In that sense, she proposed increasing student scholarships to match what is provided in the aforementioned program.

He also explained that in his government talent will matter more than a university degree. so that young people can be software developersprogramming, robotics and artificial intelligence.

“I want to tell you that very soon we are going to announce a strategy so that those young people who for some reason do not stay in a public university, we are going to support them to continue studying at a private university, because it is not their fault that the government does not have enough spaces in the universities”he added.

Without detailing what the program would consist of, Gálvez also pointed out that “there will be support” for young people to have their own home.

“Juan Pablo (his son) still lives with me. But I hope he doesn’t give him 40 years with me. That before you can buy his own apartment. But it is good to buy an apartment, it is good to have a home, and it is not necessarily having it until you get married and go live with your in-laws.

“Everyone wants to be able to have their own space, that is why we are going to create a housing program for those young people who want access and, obviously, support them to have a job”he pointed.

The candidate also proposed a monthly card “so that they can continue studying and working.”

Gálvez also made proposals regarding entrepreneurship and transition to renewable energies, returning to the topic of the Pemex refinery in Cadereyta, Nuevo León.

Prior to the presidential candidate’s intervention, the event began with the participation of María Bárbara Cepeda Boehringerwho said that Xóchitl is the example of the Mexican woman for being “persistent and hard-working.”

Young “They are concerned and busy contributing to having a better Mexico. A Mexico without violence, a Mexico without corruption, a Mexico where there are more and better opportunities for them. A Mexico where institutions are respected, where education is a platform for them. A Mexico where they are not singled out when they raise their voices. “Here are the young people ready, Xóchitl, to take you to the Presidency of the Republic,” expressed Cepeda.

For his part, Sánchez Gálvez, the candidate’s son, intervened “like a son,” because just as the candidate took care of him, Now he wants to take care of the country’s young people.

“To all of Coahuila, I want you to listen to my mother because she is a working woman who has been told since high school that it is not possible and if she had listened to the people who have told her no, today she would not “I would be sitting here seeking the presidency.”he pointed.

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