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Yanqui Kothan was followed by Military Intelligence when he was murdered: Riva Palacio

CDMX.- In the midst of the inconsistencies about how the events in which the normalista student Yanqui Kothan was murdered occurred, Raymundo Riva Palacio He affirms that the military has information about the crime, which he claims was an extrajudicial execution.

Today in his column “Strictly Personal”, the journalist reports that the 23-year-old He was followed from Mexico City to Tixtla, in Guerreroby the Military Intelligence service and was being watched by them when they killed him.

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According to the information published by the political analyst, based on data revealed by reporter Maribel Gutiérrez, from El Sur de Acapulco, Yanqui Kothan Gómez Peralta participated in the events of March 6, where a group of normalistas demolished one of the doors of the National Palace as part of the justice demonstrations for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students.

The young man was on the front line of the protest, but he was wearing a gas mask and until that moment no one knew, except for his companions, that it was him.

“Gutiérrez had access to a photograph that the young man sent to a relative, taken from a Radio Formula broadcast, where he encloses a person with a cherry jacket with the hood covering his head, a white backpack and his face covered with a mask. antigas. The image of that person is circled and in the message to his family member, Yanqui Kothan wrote: ‘here I am’”, details in his article.


After the events of March 6 at the National Palace, The Military Intelligence Service identified Yanqui Kothan as one of the main instigators and kept him under surveillance.

“They followed him to Tixtla, on the outskirts of Chilpancingo, where the Normal Rural ‘Isidro Burgos’ of Ayotzinapa is located”says the journalist.

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Although the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador took action quickly in the case, the editorialist warns, this is not entirely clear, as there are many inconsistencies.

Even The lawyers of the normalistas assure that the crime is linked to the protests of the relatives of the disappearedalthough officially there has been an attempt to disengage.

Riva Palacio recalls that the official versions have not mentioned the presence of the military, but there is evidence that they were in the area when the murder took place.

In none of the official versions has there been any mention of military presence, but there is information that they were in the crime area due to the telephone records.. It is not clear, for now, what role they played in this tragic episode, outside of the military unit that followed Yanqui Kothan from the National Palace to Tixtla. It is also not clear if the young man detected that he was being followed.he explains.

However, for Riva Palacio, It is they, the military, who “have the precise data on what the murder was like and, above all, who really committed it.”

So far, two state police officers have been arrested for the crime, and they have already been linked to the process, but a third element remains to be arrested – the one who allegedly shot the young man – who fled.

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