TechnologyYouTube on TV: fewer commercial interruptions, but more spots at once

YouTube on TV: fewer commercial interruptions, but more spots at once

Ad tunnels that seem to never end will soon be a reality on YouTube! Google has announced several new features for ads on its video platform.

Google will make some changes to YouTube that will somewhat change the way we watch videos from the platform on a TV. The good news is that Google plans to reduce the number of ad interruptions. The bad thing is that YouTube ad tunnels should have more spots.

Fewer choices for creators

The video player interface will also display a clearer countdown of the number of seconds until an ad ends. On the other hand, we will lose the counter of the number of spots, which could therefore be more numerous. Google obviously wanted to spare the goat and the cabbage here, trying to find a balance – necessarily delicate and imperfect – between content, advertising, and viewer expectations.

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To make these changes, Google based itself on studies which showed, for example, that 8 out of 10 viewers prefer fewer interruptions, even if it means having to watch more ads. YouTube has established itself as one of the heavyweights in video on televisions: the first instinct of more than half of the viewers surveyed by Kantar is to open the YouTube application. An app which, for the ninth consecutive month, is the leader in time spent streaming on connected TVs, according to Nielsen.

That’s it for viewers, but YouTube also unveiled some bittersweet news for creators. The latter will lose the ability to deactivate advertising playback in “pre-roll”, i.e. before the video itself, and in “post-roll” (after the video). They will also no longer have a say in the presence of spots that can be skipped.

It is ” maximize revenue », as explained by Google, which ensures that these different types of advertisements are activated 90% of the time. Creators still retain some options, such as manually choosing when an ad break should start.

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